Skin Scrubber - 3 Modes - Blue

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  • Deep Cleansing: With ultrasound nanotechnology, the facial scrubber can produce vibration up to 24000 times per second to quickly and deeply remove blackheads, acne, dead skin, oil and makeup. It also moisturizes to the base of your skin with each wash.

  • Moisturizing & Absorption for Nutrients: Penetrates deep into the cuticle layer. Its moisturizing effects help to achieve elastic skin, fewer wrinkles, tightened pores, and improved skin metabolism. 

  • Lifting and Lightening Skin: The skin spatula keeps your skin warm to achieve a wrinkle-reducing effect. Also, it can promote blood circulation and lymphatic metabolism so as to make your skin firm, smooth and delicate!

  • Safe Use & Easy Carry: The spatula is made of 100% medical stainless steel for all skin types. Our 3 functional modes allow for cleansing, moisturizing, and lifting the skin. Also, it has a built-in timer and will be on standby after 10 minutes without use and then automatically turn off after 1 minute.

  • Tips: This device is not waterproof. Please don't wash it underwater. Please wipe the water after use or clean the shovelhead. Please avoid problem areas on your skin including lip and eye area. 

  • For Oily and Non-Sensitive Skin: Use 2~3 times a week for dry or combination skin and 1~2 times a week for sensitive skin.

  • 30-day money-back and a 12-month worry-free guarantee!