Peppermint Cooling Moisturizing Foot Cream - 4.20 oz

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  • GOODBYE - Extremely for Dry, Dead and Cracked Foot Heels (Perfect Foot Care Solution, Relieves and Repairs )
  • LIFE CHANGING - Recover Confidence in your feet again
  • #1 BEAUTY FOOT CARE CREAM - Best Million Selling Product (Refresh Effect - Feeling Refresh and Reborn for your Active Feet), For Perfect Effect Using this Cream After Foot Scrubber Callus Remover or Foot Shaver Callus Remover
  • SHIELD - Creates a Protective layer on your feet that instantly increase moisture levels and helps prevent further moisture loss
  • NATURAL PEPPERMINT - Fresh mild peppermint oil scent will also keep your feet healthy from germs and odors. (Never sticky & greasy)