Skin Scrubber - White

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  • Multi-functional: Ultrasonic deep cleansing! Our skin scrubber helps you deep clean and strip away impurities in the skin while enhancing circulation and preventing wrinkles.

  • Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning Mode: The high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations strengthen the cleaning power of our device. The 'Ion ' mode has multiple functions and helps with removing stubborn blackheads, cleansing pores, and exfoliating dull/dead skin cells.

  • Promote Absorptions: "Ion-" mode allows for better absorption of skincare products, improves skin absorption capacity, and reduces wrinkles. Rejuvenates your natural skin and give you a more radiant complexion!

  • Skin Lifting: This function can accelerate metabolism, renew skin cells, promote collagen regeneration, relieve melanin and firm wrinkles, restore elasticity, and help make your skin firm, smooth and delicate.