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Luxurious six-piece scented candle set High-quality soy scented candles:

The wax body is made of 100% high-quality soybeans Provides longer-lasting combustion The burning time of each can can reach 20-25h The whole device burns continuously for about 150h French high-end essential oils: Use high-quality, soft and refined French high-end essential oils.

It exudes a lasting fragrance and is more pure. The fragrance will not cause any harm to people or animals High quality cotton lead-free wick: Different specifications of candles use different wick materials to match Try to ensure that the candle is fully burned, and ensure that the wick does not produce black smoke Read more Read more Read more The perfect gift set Product information: Weight of individual product: 5.5oz Wax body weight: 2.5oz Burning time of single product: 20-25h Size of single product: Diameter: 2.1in High: 2.6in Package dimensions: 157.23.5in Note:

Keep out of reach of children and pets NEVER light them near anything that can catch fire 4Furniture & Aromatherapy Candles in New York