Foot Peel Mask - Rose - 3 Pack

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  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Our foot exfoliator peeling mask is infused with natural botanical extracts and foot-centric nutrients that work deep into old layers of skin to break-down rough and coarse dead skin. Suitable for Women & Men.

  • EASY TO USE & EFFECTIVE - Simply put on the booties for the recommended time period and after removing them, the treatment will start to work. The foot peeling mask is a disposable one-time treatment for both feet. All ingredients are safe and gentle on your skin while effectively treating cracked heels, and calluses.

  • PAINLESS & SAFE - Our exfoliating foot peel mask causes zero pain in the process of peeling and renewing the skin on your feet. The dead skin will peel off on its own after a few days revealing fresher looking skin. 48 HOURS LATER, SOAK YOUR FEET IN WARM WATER FOR BETTER RESULTS AND FASTER PEELING.